Wonder Wednesday: 19 Things about Daylight Savings Time

Image created using Bit Strips.

Image created using Bit Strips.

I believe I was told at some point in time why we have Daylight Savings Time (DST), but I can’t remember. Lately, I’ve been advocating for its demise, but I wondered if that is really the right way to go.¬†Perhaps there are good reasons why we still do it?

Some Things about DST

  1. Its purpose is to provide more daylight during the summer months.
  2. Countries near the equator don’t do it.
  3. It can save energy depending on use of things like air conditioning or heat.
  4. Early morning accidents increase slightly, but are offset by fewer late night accidents.
  5. Incidents involving pedestrians increase during the fall.
  6. It potentially boosts the economy because people want to go out more and shop when it’s brighter out.
  7. In its beginnings it was a gradual change of 20 minutes on four Sundays in April and September, for a total change of 80 minutes.
  8. Its inventor was Ben Franklin.
  9. Since its inception people have been confused, though with the invention of smart devices that has reduced.
  10. It’s original name was Summer Time.
  11. It disrupts sleep for many people.
  12. It reduces productivity.
  13. It disrupts the farming community and its animals.
  14. It interferes with some religious practices.
  15. Some countries shift their time by less than one hour.
  16. Only 35% of the countries in the world change their time.
  17. The switch to November leaves more daylight for Halloween.
  18. It may increase risk of serious health conditions such as stroke, blood clots, and heart attacks.
  19. 2016 marks its 100th anniversary!


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There won’t be a post this Friday unless I finish my short story before then. I need to get it done and submitted for an anthology, so I can get back to editing The Page & The Magician.