Major Revising is Needed

My thoughts are on Comiccon lately. I’m going to buy my costume this year¬†instead of making it. This will leave me more time to focus on my writing.

Speaking of my writing, despite the flu, I’ve revised the first five¬†chapters of my novel again and am working on the sixth.

On this edit, I’m hacking and slashing any dialogue that doesn’t add something to the story. Sometimes I’m replacing the dialogue with narration. It was suggested to me that dialogue should be 30% or less of the story. It’s a lot of work, but I can see how much better my story is getting by reducing irrelevant information. I probably thought it was relevant when I first wrote it. Sometimes we need to write things out in order to find the story and get to know our characters.

I’ve also come to the realization that I need to rewrite large chunks of it. There’s too much religion and spirituality in it. All has to go. It was cathartic for me to write, but not something people want to read.

This will be the most major revision, I expect.

Lots of work ahead, but it’ll be worth it.





2 thoughts on “Major Revising is Needed

  1. Interesting post for this week’s update. I’m not sure about that 30% formula, though, to slash dialogue. Each writer has her own voice. Maybe your storytelling style or even genre leans to more dialogue. I say trust your writerly intuition as you slash and edit. I’m right with you in listening to my characters and letting them speak when I feel the story is stuck too much with back story or narration. Dialogue helps to sharpen our characters, their motivations, feelings, and even the plot! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.


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