Done… For now.

Well, I finished draft two of The Page & The Magician. The day after, I awoke excited and went to finding beta readers. I’m looking for swaps of some sort rather than buying a service. I only want to pay for the final edit and cover design outside of the actual production expense of printed copies and whatever eBook expenses await me. It feels great to have moved on to the next stage!

I’m now slowly working on cleaning my place. While I was living in the world of my book, I kind of ignored the real world. Oops. I’m cleaning it at a casual pace and catching up on some movies.

I read a friend’s new YA story. It’s set in Ottawa, Ontario and man is it intense! Check out A Test of Loyalty by Laurie Stewart.

The weekend came to a close too early for my liking.

I suppose I should work on another project once my cleaning is under control. Maybe the roller derby story as it’s already around 50,000 words and just needs a plan. I can outline what I want to do and reorganize what I have there. I already have an eBook cover for it and it’d be nice to make that money back.

Time for bed…



9 thoughts on “Done… For now.

  1. I think we all tend to neglect real life some when the end of a book is in sight. I want to say it is worth it, but depending what chores I skip I sometimes regret it. Never skip brushing the husky… That always ends in tears. 😉

    Congrats on getting it done and best wishes on whatever you choose to tackle next.


    • Never skip brushing the husky, eh? I’ll have to remember that if I ever own one 😉

      It’s a long weekend this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get the place cleaned up enough to work on some other writing projects.

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  2. Kudos on attaining your goal and finishing draft 2! May the tending of your home bring you peace, purpose, and order…and, whether it’s the roller derby story or something else, may you begin the next project in a home that supports your passion. =)

    I know that ignoring-real-life thing. While my beloveds and the critters won’t stand for that, the house just kind of sits there….


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