Got a few words down

Just a few. I couldn’t make myself edit until today. I know all the Internet memes say keep writing every day no matter what. Instead of working on my novel, for a few days all I could do was journal. At least it was words being written somewhere.

I’m still working on Chapter 19. I think I’m at the point where I again have to ask myself what the point of the chapter is. This is how I edit. What am I trying to say in this chapter? Have I accomplished that? Am I way off target?

An opportunity is on the table with my day career. I have to decide if I want to take on more. It’ll mean a hit to my writing and probably my other activities, but it could be an amazing experience. I have to discuss it with my boss. Perhaps that discussion will help me make the decision. If I don’t take it, I’ll register for guitar in the fall.

I mainly spent the weekend playing Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 until I beat it and going through paperwork. My place is a mess given my fruitless search for my missing DSLR camera. I’ve changed my locks and have a locking cabinet for whatever I can fit in there. Things like this make me lose faith in humanity.

I also played Exploding Kittens with some good friends. I won the first two games and lost the third one. Each game became more strategic as we all started figuring things out. I went home thinking about how to play my hands in the future. I wish I could grasp the strategy for Magic the Gathering as quickly. Maybe I get overly analytical on a basic level with Magic and it stops me from getting things on a broader level. I like the challenge of learning things though, so I will get Magic eventually.

I don’t feel ready to go back to work tomorrow. I’m taking over a colleague’s project, which is fine, but with him off in Greece and the two contract people done, I’ll be the lone person in a 4-person cubicle area. I suppose I can practice martial arts with all the empty space when I need to stand up.

Well I think it’s time for sleep.


3 thoughts on “Got a few words down

  1. I’m sorry about your cmaera. I hope it turns up (I recently lost mine under a notebook….true story!)

    Any words are better than no words at all. I journal nearly every morning, and I learn a lot both while doing it, and when I read back…

    Editing is the trickiest part of writing for me, so far. I’m taking the theory that it’s because I’ve done far less of it than plotting, and orders of magnitude less than actually writing drafts….

    So, I intend to practice, practice, practice. Because practice makes better.

    Whichever way you decide to go on the work opportunity, may you find delight in it!


    • I wish it could be lost under a notebook. It’s far too large for that. My journal practices have always been sparse. I agree that editing takes practice. I hope in time I will get more efficient at it. Right now, I have no idea how much longer it will take.


      • I know the feeling! It’s one of those things that feels insurmountable, at the moment, but I can see a tipping point must be in the future, somewhere….

        I’ve been experimenting with editing short stories; they’re easier to navigate than novels, for me, so far.

        Looking forward to seeing how it goes for us both this round!


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