Shitty Week (so far)

This week could be better. I lost a family member due to depression. I found out about my uncle on Monday evening. My DSLR camera has been misplaced or stolen. It’s looking more like the latter. I discovered my missing camera issue yestereen (obsolete word for yesterday evening that I think should be brought back).

I didn’t know my uncle really well. The circumstances of his death have upset me though. Why isn’t there more help for people with depression? We lost Robin Williams, now my uncle, and I bet countless others. How many have to die before they figure out how to stop it? I read an article recently that there is specific gut bacteria involved. How long will it be before the necessary probiotics are available to the general public? I bet they’ll be too expensive for most people. I bet they’ll also have ridiculous requirements for getting a prescription.

Each day it seems brings a new cause in the headlines, the lion getting hunted down, Anonymous seeking vengeance for something, Harper screwing Canadians over but convincing them he’s doing something good, cops shooting someone, etc. The news is full of dark stuff. Some days I prefer to bury my head and ignore it all.

As you might imagine, prior to today I got virtually no writing or editing done. A few words here and there, but my heart wasn’t in it and I couldn’t get it to be.

Not being one to let things get me down for too long, I bought a cheap camera that does HD video, so I can start a pet project soon. I just have to figure out how many pieces I need to film, what music I want to include, etc. Oh and learn how to actually put the pieces together, what I want to say (scripts to write), etc.

Tomorrow is day one of babysitting my colleague’s project. Hopefully there are no sudden fires. I also hope I don’t have trouble parking in the garage near a pillar.

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada. Tomorrow is likely another hot day. I like warm weather, but the humidity has had it near and over 40 celsius for several days now. I expect my hydro bill will be a delight from using the air conditioner, but it can’t be helped. I really need to fix my desk so that I can live in the air conditioned room. So many things on my to-do list. Anyway, I plan to clean, play games, edit, and relax this weekend. It’s doubtful that I’ll reach my goal by the 31st, but I think it’ll be shortly thereafter.


4 thoughts on “Shitty Week (so far)

  1. I work in the medical field in family practice and the vast majority of our patients suffer from one of two issues – obesity or depression (and if you have one you more than likely already have the other). Depression does seem so widespread. I think that a lot of it has to do with media and all of technology. People think they are staying connected because they have their smart phones and their internet, but when do they sit down in person and have a real conversation with someone else, when do they feel a sympathetic hand on their shoulder. it is as if the more we are connected, the less we are. Besides missing the personal touch and seeing all the sadness and tragedy on the news, when we do see something not violent or depressing, we see opulence that we cannot afford, and that gets us depressed. It is as if there is no place to turn that brings us true happiness.

    Just my thoughts. Someone needs to start a Round of Happiness in 365 days!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Even though you weren’t close, I’m sure it has a huge impact, so go easy on yourself. Sometimes bad news (not just personal news, but all of it) can be overwhelming. I wish you comfort and gentle healing.


    • I’m not good with problems that have no solutions. Depression is one of those things. Most of the family didn’t even know. I hate that nothing could really have helped him.


  3. Depression is hard. I have no real solution to the overwhelming problem. But I do know that the best you can do for someone suffering (either before they seek help and after they start treatment is to be there for them. I am sorry to hear about your Uncle. Sending you good vibes and lots of extra love. My mom also suffered from depression. It wasn’t easy when she passed away. If I can offer an advice it would be two things, first support those facing the disease (and their families) and spread the word. Also, and you probably already know this, but write about it. Write about your Uncle (even if you didn’t know him well), write about depression, research it and blog about it. Writing is therapy and somewhere in that I think you can find the healing you need.

    ~Big Hugs to You~


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