Editing is… Fun…

I revamped my whole schedule to get more things done. I’m studying French in the morning before work. I’m practicing guitar in the evening after dinner. I’m writing or editing for at least an hour each evening. I’m exercising for at least 30 minutes each day. I’m going to work a little earlier to give me the time to fit this stuff in.

So all day today I was having an argument in my head about how a scene should be written in The Page & The Magician. Between that and Monday’s impromptu pitching of the story, I took that as a sign that I need to begin editing.

I now understand how people can hate editing their own work. Sometimes just trying to figure out what to do with it is difficult. I know my second chapter is plagued with telling instead of showing. I’m not sure if everything I wrote that is back story is necessary. Do I know how editing is going so far? Not a clue. It’s practically my first time. I’ve rewritten a few times, but not really had any idea what I was doing as I did that with stories I hadn’t even finished writing. (Awful habit, I know. I’ve kicked that bad habit).

I also wrote a synopsis out for the eventual back cover.

On the exercise front, I did some beginner Tai Chi from a DVD tonight. Naturally I dug out my karate gi to workout.

I’ve registered for an in-person guitar class that starts next month, assuming it runs.

It seems like I’m adding a lot of things, but I’m really just making better use of my time instead of wasting it watching TV.

Anyway, it’s my hour of relaxation time.


4 thoughts on “Editing is… Fun…

  1. My biggest problem with editing my own writing is that I have in my head all the details that COULD have been as well as all the details that ARE. It’s hard for me to read through and find places where the reader is missing out on some important detail because I cut it out at some point, and since it’s still in MY brain, it never makes it to the paper.


    • I think that happens to us all. We always have the scenes playing in full vibrancy in our heads. Sometimes it’s good not to be too descriptive. I mention they’re having a girl’s night, for example, but I’m letting the reader figure out what that looks like. Some may see half naked women having pillow fights, others may see women drinking wine and eating chocolate and both are fine with me. We only need to make sure the reader isn’t horribly lost and that they’re having a good time 🙂


      • I’ve heard famous writers say that their fans know the stories better than they do. That makes sense… the author has all the deleted scenes in their head, and all the paths-not-taken. The reader only gets the perfect, finished result!

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      • And that’s what makes editing so hard. I also think it’s a bit like having sentimental attachment to a scene and trying to figure out if there is a way to keep it…


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