Back on the Board!

Achieved since last check-in:

– Written 720 words
– Attended ChiSeries’ event for Dark Side II tour of horror authors (bought 5 more books – addicted to books)
– Ordered author’s business cards
– Watched more episodes of Homeland (I think I’m nearly caught up)
– Practiced guitar

Alright, so not a lot has been done in the last couple of days compared to what I usually accomplish, but I’ve written more words! The battle is happening, though I’m probably in telling mode more than showing mode, but the words are somewhat flowing.

I attended the ChiSeries event last night and had a great time listening to authors read from their books. Last night, something that I hadn’t seen at previous readings happened. One of the readings was such a scary topic that the room fell completely silent. Everyone was entirely focused on the author to the point that it was as though they stopped breathing. The author was Rob Pobi and the book Harvest.

I mostly bought thrillers, but I had to give Andrew Pyper‘s The Demonologist a try. The main character sounds like a Robert Langdon type for demonology. That and Andrew’s writing style piqued my interest.

When will I have time to read these books? Who knows. Maybe once I have finished my first pass of editing The Page & The Magician. I think I’m close to starting editing, so I’ll have to revise my ROW80 goal for that. I don’t know how to set editing goals though as I’ve never made it to editing before. Hopefully reading Hooked will help with part of it. Maybe there’s something else out there that I should read to help me figure out what to do. Until then, I’ll poke around in the dark at things that look like they need fixing.


5 thoughts on “Back on the Board!

  1. I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks, so not much writing stuff was done. I’ve found, though, that these times are filling times, When I get back to the writing, there’s likely to be a surge.

    Sounds like you might be in a similar place.

    As for editing, I have a suggestion you might try if you’re looking for resources. I’m also new to “official” editing – I’m using Rock Your Revisions. It’s not fast (or, not yet), but it’s a cohesive plan that’s giving me a far stronger second draft, and a blueprint to follow.

    It’s available from Amazon, and, at $2.99 for the Kindle, it was well worth the gamble.


    • Yes, I’ve always felt that one has to live life to have something to write about. I think socializing with other writers also helps one refocus.

      I’ll have to check out Rock Your Revisions. Thank you for the suggestion! I should also see if Rayne Hall has a book on it. I’m reading Hooked right now and it’s been helpful for the opening scenes.

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      • I’ve found that blending writing and living makes both richer and more textured. And socializing wit other writers can lead me down many wonderful paths.

        For instance, I haven’t yet read anything by Rayne Hall, but Hooked sounds interesting ,and I may give it a try. If you try Rock Your Revisions, I hope you find it helpful. =)


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