I can see the end!

I can’t believe I forgot to check-in on Wednesday! I was even on vacation…

Since last Sunday’s check-in I’ve:

– written 1,548 words
– completed my level 1 sewing class (hope there are enough students for level 2 to run)
– learned buttonholes and that my machine does them in an awesomely magical way where I stick a button into the foot and it auto-magically calculates everything and just does it!
– started Introduction to Guitar on Coursera
– managed to kick my snooze button habit (next up, getting out of the house before 9:30 am)
– been tested for Celiac’s and H. Pylori (unsure when I get the results)
– knitted a new lanyard for my work badge as the only ones I could find to buy had beer logos on them
– tuned my acoustic guitar
– completed 3/4 of a jigsaw puzzle (everything left is blue)
– caught up on The Walking Dead
– finally moved my Christmas tree into storage
– laundry (thanks to friends who let me use their machines as our laundry room has been closed for 3 weeks to replace the floor)
– a Pilates lesson
– a chiropractic adjustment
– made an appointment at Wabano to start tracing part of my ancestry

It’s probably good I didn’t check in as the word count would have been zero. I was stuck and mulling over the problems. I think I’ve figured things out and where I’m ultimately heading for the ending of my book. I can see the end. I guess that’s a good thing?

Today, I’m aiming to take in a skate on the canal with Steampunk Ottawa. I’m pretty excited about it, though I have to take it slow as I’ve not been on any kind of skate for about 6 months now and I won’t be wearing a helmet. This would be an event I’m choosing not to dress in Steampunk fashion for as warmth and comfort are my focus. That reminds me, I’m needing to hem my snow pants as they’re made for taller people.


4 thoughts on “I can see the end!

  1. Oh! Have fun skating. It’s pretty blustery out there but it’s always fun when you’re with a group. It’s great that you can see the end of your story. My end is still blurry even with a telescope. However, inching in that direction is always a positive thing.


    • I had to take a week off to ponder things and let my subconscious brain figure out the ending I think. I’d get the odd little scene, but have no idea where to put it or what other little scenes could go with it. It seems to be coming together now. I think I’ve also been scared. What happens after I finish writing the book is all a mystery to me. I mean I have general ideas of what editing is, but everyone seems to dislike that part of the process… Why rush to get to something people hate doing? I know some not fun stuff has to happen to get to the publishing stage. Maybe someone out there has found a way to make editing fun though!

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      • Yes, I hear you. In one way I’m dreading the edit but in another way I’m looking forward to making the story much more rich than it is now. Now it’s just a plot.


  2. Congrats on writing some words and all your other accomplishments in the last week and a half! Yay! Very exciting to finally get to the point where you can see things coming together on the book. I was just there last week. You can do it!

    Also: magical buttonhole-making sewing machine. MY MIND. IS. BLOWN.

    Have a great week!


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