Kendo has helped me figure out a key problem in my Iaido. I didn’t realize this was happening to me, but it became very clear in Kendo.

I start with my hands in the proper position and then as I cut, my right hand slides down, then my hands are no longer on top of the handle.

My grip hasn’t been firm enough.

Grip is a hard thing as too much with the right and you won’t cut properly since your left should be dominant.

What I’ve learned is that too little grip with the right leads to a weaker cut where your aim is off. At least that seems to be what is happening to me.

I’ve been practicing a firmer grip and my hands stay on top of the sword.

The other awesome thing that happens with your hands correctly place? The swoosh of the blade.

I missed my swoosh.

Now if I can only get a proper tenouchi every time so my blade stops and doesn’t bounce…

– Roy┬áIaidoka