There is an exception…

Today’s proverb is, “There is an exception to every rule.” Yep.

Grammar rules: ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’

I wonder why it’s necessary that we change the order of I and E in certain rules. I’ve never had trouble remembering to do it, but why do we? The sound of the word is not changed by the reversal of the two letters.

We often only realize there must be an exception to a rule when we can’t apply it to a situation.

So would the exception to this rule of there being an exception to every rule mean that there are no exceptions to any rules?

Can we apply this to people? Do we only notice the flaws in others when they don’t behave in a way we expect them to?

Unfortunately, with people, I think it’s rather common to assume that a flaw or quirk may be a larger portion of their whole self than what is true in actuality.

If there is more than one exception to a rule, is there a point to having a rule?

That’s all I’ve got.



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