L4BB3-67RLK3J_RoyR.jpgI’m the youngest of three children. My brothers would tell you that I was spoiled as a child, but I would tell you that I wasn’t allowed to do many things because I was the youngest, a female, and petite.

After high school, I achieved a Social Work diploma, but ultimately decided I was neither patient nor worldly enough to guide others, so I obtained two Computer Networking diplomas and several certifications.

I worked a short stint on the Ministry of Corrections help desk before taking a position as a computer technician at the local police station. Technician work was okay, but I felt like there was more I could be doing with my life, so I enrolled in Business at Nipissing University and left with a degree specializing in Technology Management. Since then I’ve done project management and process improvement work in rail, telecommunications, and the print/e-publishing sectors.

The rail and telecommunication company I worked at underwent a partial divestment, which led me to relocate to Ottawa.

In recent years, I played a season of roller derby, but the extreme contact sport led to more injuries than I’m comfortable with for myself. I tried to referee, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed.

One of my passions outside of writing is martial arts and I currently practice a mainly theory-based art called Iaido. The advanced students in this art use katana swords with live (sharp) blades, so sparring isn’t a thing we do. I think my sensei doesn’t want to deal with the blood and paperwork. I also have a karate background and hope to return to it one day.

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